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The Mission of the Plano Senior High School Performing Arts Department is to provide students with comprehensive instruction in the field of Theatre Arts that will foster an appreciation for the art of theatre and prepare students for study at the university and professional levels. Students will develop a variety of skills and attitudes conducive to a lifetime of independent learning, with an awareness and appreciation for the diverse views and an understanding of the contributions of theatre to society and culture. Plano Senior High School students will obtain a broad, practical, and theoretical knowledge of Theatre as a Fine Art while developing an appreciation of theatre through specialized training in history, dramatic literature, performance, design, and theatre technology. Through work in the classroom, on the stage, and in professional settings, Plano Senior High School theatre students will gain a sophisticated appreciation for the art of theatre, and will be thoroughly prepared to continue their education and pursue productive careers in the Theatre Arts.

Theatre at Plano Senior High School is quintessentially student-centered; every production starts with the recognizing the strengths of the students and then working together to develop their skills. The senior high school directors interact with the theatre programs in the feeder schools so that they can watch the students grow over time. This allows them to choose productions that will highlight and stretch the particular group when they come to the PSHS.


PSHS Theatre has a diverse group of actors and technicians. The productions aim to provide students with a varied experience from Shakespeare to Brecht, from Curtains to Chicago to The Who’s Tommy. The goal is to make sure the students graduate with an impressive portfolio of work that shows their range as actors and technicians.  

Plano Senior High School has a long history of excellence that is evidenced by the various award winning shows that have been produced over the years. The directors foster the students talent, inspire their dedication, and encourage hard work, enabling the students to get the best possible education in Theatre Arts. The productions are entirely put together so that students get hands on experience as actors, directors and technicians. 


The skills students learn at PSHS Theatre go beyond the stage. They learn poise and the ability to self-reflect, speak with confidence, lead, organize, and, most of all, trust their own abilities and talents. These life skills help students in any career they may choose as they graduate from PSHS.


Meet Your Plano Directors



Lisa Nalls Clark High School

Bri Wehman Vines High School

Brandi Paige Carpenter Middle School

Kaitlyn Kirby Haggard Middle School

Kayla Hildebrand Hendrick Middle School

Kathleen Dobrott Wilson Middle School

Monique Wallace Schimelpfenig Middle School

Plano Senior High School Administrative Staff:

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